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Transmisor electrónico de presión diferencial

68,97 € (impuestos inc.)
SIN IVA: 57,00 €
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El DPT-R8 es un transmisor electrónico de presión diferencial con ocho rangos de medición seleccionables por puente en un dispositivo, desde +/- 100PA hasta 0-7000Pa. La salida se puede seleccionar entre 4-20 mA o 0-10 V. Las unidades también tienen la opción de una función LCD o Auto Zero.


  • Monitoring air filters, ventilators and blowers
  • Monitoring and control of air flows
  • Fan and blower control
  • Valve and flap control
  • Flow meter applications
  • Pressure monitoring and control in clean rooms


Accuracy ±1,5% or (±6Pa <250 Pa)
(including: general accuracy, temperature drift, linearity, hysteresis and repetition error)
Response Time 0.8 / 4 s selectable by push button
Suitable Media Air and non-aggressive gases
Measuring Element Piezoresistive
Power Supply 24 VAC or VDC ± 10%
Power consumption < 1.0 W (<1.5W with Iout 20mA)
Output Signal 0…10 VDC, Load R minimum 1kohm or
4…20 mA, maximum load 500 ohms
Operating Temperature -10…+50°C (-5…+50°C for –AZ model)
Housing IP 54 ABS housing with PC Cover.
Dimensions 90,0 x 71,5 x 36,0 mm

The standard device includes

  • Output signal 0-10 V and 4-20 mA in the same device
  • Adjustable response time
  • Accessories
    - 2 plastic duct connectors, 2m tube and fixing screws included in the product package

Available options

  • Autozero function
  • Display
    - the device is available with or without a display
    - it is also possible to order and install the display afterwards 
Selectable Pressure Ranges

Model 2500 Model 7000
-100 to +100 Pa 0 to 1000 Pa
0 to 100 Pa 0 to 1500 Pa
0 to 250 Pa 0 to 2000 Pa
0 to 500 Pa 0 to 2500 Pa
0 to 1000 Pa 0 to 3000 Pa
0 to 1500 Pa 0 to 4000 Pa
0 to 2000 Pa 0 to 5000 Pa
0 to 2500 Pa 0 to 7000 Pa
Auto Zero Element

The optional auto zero element allows the transmitter to perform as a maintenance free unit. The element automatically adjusts the transmitters zero point from time to time, this eliminates the zero point long term drift of the piezoresistive sensing element. Units without an Auto Zero Element will require a manual zeroing at least every 12 months.

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